DOT Maintenance & Compliance

When operating a business in the ground passenger transportation industry, adhering to DOT regulations is imperative to success. Unfortunately for many, DOT compliance audits can be a painful experience due to a poor understanding of what is expected. Rather than dreading the arrival of your next random audit and questioning whether you’ve hit all the right marks, take the necessary steps to ensure your management team understands the regulations and the specific records that auditors will expect to see so there are no surprises.

To do this, we highly recommend transportation company managers seek guidance on how to prepare for a DOT compliance audit. Over the last 12 + years, Bus Concierge has developed an iron clad training program and we are now pleased to offer support services to those looking to make their businesses more DOT compliant. By signing up for our DOT training program that is expertly developed to help fleet, safety, transportation and dispatch managers to better understand DOT and FMCSA compliance regulations, your management team can walk away with the knowledge necessary to be audit-ready at all times.

Bus Concierge will assist with keeping your buses on the road and operating safely by helping you develop a solid preventive maintenance program. Bus Concierge will customize each preventive maintenance program to meet each operator’s needs and requirements based on the size of fleet and vehicles in your fleet. Bus Concierge will help you setup your maintenance schedules based on factory-schedule service intervals. Bus Concierge takes a comprehensive approach to analyze your preventive maintenance needs and will analyze your systems for better monitoring.

Well maintained buses will run cleaner, are safer for passengers, will help reduce emissions as well as deliver improved fuel economy. This translates into dollars saved. Bus Concierge’s preventive maintenance program will help keep you compliant with DOT regulations and make audits a breeze.

Bus Concierge’s goal is to keep every operator DOT audit ready and helps train your Fleet Managers, Safety Managers, Transportation Managers and Dispatch Managers.

The training program covers topics such as FMCSA Regulations, FMCSR Motorcoach/Bus regulations for driver and vehicles, TSA Motorcoach counterterrorism guidelines and Bus Concierge will provide you with templates of Vehicle files (Maintenance/DVIR), Driver files (DQ/Medical/Personnel), and the FMCSA Record Keeping Reference Guide

If you’re interested in ensuring your company and its management staff are effectively prepared in the event of a random DOT compliance audit, contact Bus Concierge today 301-660-6676. We will walk you through all the options and help to make all the necessary arrangements, so you can make strides towards greater success without pulling focus from your daily responsibilities.


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